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General Information


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Homework and Assignment Book
The children will have homework every night. Students are always expected to read for at least 20 minutes. Typically, the students will also have one or two other assignments each night. Please check your child’s assignment book to find out what is due each day. Please sign the assignment book daily to indicate that your child’s homework has been completed. You do not need to check your child’s work thoroughly (unless you want to), but please make sure that all assignments are complete. Feel free to write a note in the assignment book. It will be checked each day.

Homework is assigned daily in third grade. I feel that homework is an important way for students to practice concepts that are taught in school. It is also a great way for students to learn and develop responsibility, self-reliance, time management, and organizational skills–all of which are “real life” skills used daily by all of us at home and work. Your child’s homework is his/her responsibility. I would appreciate you providing occasional help if it is needed; however, your child should not require a great deal of assistance from you. Most of your child’s homework is based on what has been taught in school. Every assignment is explained and discussed when it is given. Your child should ask me for clarification if he/she is unsure about what’s expected. I would really appreciate you looking over the homework that has been finished by checking whether the assignments are completed and done neatly. Please let me know if your child is requiring a great deal of help with homework assignments because that really shouldn’t be the case. One exception to this is that your child will need help with studying for tests, especially in the beginning of the year.

Occasionally, some students may bring home class work that wasn’t finished during the time allotted in school. This will need to be completed in addition to the regular homework.

Tests and Studying
Your child will have some tests this year that will require studying in advance. There will be tests in math and reading at the end of each unit. We will also have quizzes in other subjects. There is a weekly spelling test, as well.

Graded Work Folder
Each Monday (or first day of the week) your child will bring home a green folder containing papers and activities that were completed during the previous week. Please look through these and discuss them with your third grader. After taking out your child’s work please sign the sheet that is enclosed in the green folder, and return it with the empty folder on Monday. A Third Grade Update will be sent home at the beginning of each month to keep you informed of what we are doing in school.