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Science/Social Studies

September 26, 2017


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Social Studies (TCI)  

Chp. 11 beginning February 8th.  Chp. 11 Objectives:

  • Prepare and present key Patriot or Loyalist arguments in a panel debate.
  • Identify the positions of Loyalists or Patriots and summarize the personal backgrounds of six prominent colonists.
  • Organize information about historical figures in a T-chart.
  • Create rallying cries to express the points of view of Patriots and Loyalists.


  • independence: separation from, or freedom of control by, another country or government
  • Patriots: people in the American colonies who wanted the colonies to become independent from Great Britain
  • Loyalists: people in the American colonies who opposed independence and wanted the colonies to remain under the control of the king and Great Britain]
  • neutral: not taking sides
  • traitor: a person guilty of betraying or acting against his or her own country
  • Test dates will be given at least a week in advance.   The children will need to take notes in class, pay attention during discussions, and study at home for all tests in order to do their best. Understanding the meanings of the vocabulary words is particularly important for our tests. It can be very helpful to make flashcards to practice the definitions at home. The students are provided with Study Guide sheets before tests. These should be used when studying, also.


Science:  Chp. 12  beginning February 4th  Changing Forms of Energy


*   Students will describe potential & kinetic energy and explain the different forms of energy into which energy can change.

*   Students will describe sound energy.

*   Students will describe light energy.



Energy- The ability to do work or cause a change.

Kinetic energy- Energy due to motion.

Potential energy- Energy that is not causing any changes now, but could cause change in the future.