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Science/Social Studies

September 26, 2017


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Social Studies (TCI)  

Chp. 19 beginning May 6, 2019  The Diverse Peoples of the West Test Friday, May 17th

Chp. 19 Objectives:

  • Create a dramatization that shows aspects of life for one of six groups of people living in the West during the 1800s.
  • Identify the effects of westward expansion on six groups of westerners.
  • Describe the benefits and drawbacks pioneers experienced when they moved west.
  • Create and analyze tables and bar graphs.
  •       Vocabulary:
  • pioneer: one of the first people to settle in a territory
  • Californio: a Spanish speaking person who had settled in California
  • rancho: an area of land, usually for raising cattle, granted by Mexico to Spanish and Mexican citizens who lived in North America
  • forty-niner: a gold-seeker in the California gold rush of 1849
  • claim: a piece of land worked by a miner seeking valuable minerals
  • [immigrant: a person who comes from his or her homeland to settle in another country]
  • transcontinental: extending across a continent
  • Mormon: a person who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints
  • missionary: a representative sent by a religious organization to try to persuade other people to adopt that religion
  • yoke: a wooden frame that fastens around an animal’s neck and is then attached to a wagon or other vehicle
  • Nez Percé: an American Indian group that lived in areas of present-day states including northeastern Oregon, central Idaho, and southeastern Washington
  • Test dates will be given at least a week in advance.   The children will need to take notes in class, pay attention during discussions, and study at home for all tests in order to do their best. Understanding the meanings of the vocabulary words is particularly important for our tests. It can be very helpful to make flashcards to practice the definitions at home. The students are provided with Study Guide sheets before tests. These should be used when studying, also.


Science:  Chp. 5  Body Systems