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6th Grade:
Patterns of Motion
Earth, Sun, Moon Systems
Formation of the Solar System
Geologic History of Earth
Maps of Ancient Lands
Seafloor Spreading
Earth's Materials
Water in the Atmosphere
Oceans Influence on Weather and Climate
Human Dependance on Natural Resources


7th Grade:
What are Cells?
Anatomy of a Cell
Reproduction in Plants and Animals

Energy Flow in Organisms (Cellular Respiration)
Competition in Ecosystems
Predation in Ecosystems
Matter and Energy in Food Webs
Dynamic Nature of Ecosystems
Genes and Gene Mutation

8th Grade:
Structure of Matter
Chemical Properties and Interactions
Characteristics of Chemical Reactions

Conservation of Matter
Heat and Energy
Forces and Motion
Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
Electromagnetic Forces
Introduction to waves
Modeling Waves Through Different Mediums