3rd Grade Handbook

As a class, we decided the things that were most important to us in our classroom and created a list of classroom expectations. Every student had a say in these expectations and works hard to uphold them in our class!
1. Be respectful to each other and our things.
2. Keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
3. Speak at the appropriate time and raise our hands.
4. Social distance to stay safe.
5. Always do our best!

Reading and Language Arts
This year our class is using the Wonders 2020 curriculum, which incorporates reading, writing, and language arts into our daily routine. Additionally, there is a spelling curriculum incorporated and students will receive spelling words each week. We will be using a program called IXL to supplement our Reading and Language Arts instruction.

Students will be engaging in different writing activities throughout the year that align with our genre study in reading. During the first quarter, students will be writing personal narratives! Writing in third grade is expected to contain mostly correct spelling and proper sentence structure with punctuation and capital letters. 

Accelerated Reader
Students participate in our Accelerated Reader program at school.  Accelerated Reader is a comprehension-based program where students read a book and then take a computerized test on the book to earn points. Each student is strongly encouraged to take 5-7 tests per quarter with a score of 70% or above. Your active involvement in your child’s independent reading is extremely important!  Please try to spend some time reading with your child every day.  We appreciate your support at home as we encourage reading for enjoyment.

IXL will be used to supplement math and reading instruction, and skills will be assigned weekly for students to complete. Students are required to get a minimum smart score of 80 to receive full credit for that specific skill. 

Handwriting and Keyboarding
In third grade we will focus on handwriting, particularly cursive writing, as well as keyboarding. As students become familiarized with Chromebooks in the digital age, keyboarding will be an important skill to incorporate into our weekly practices.

We are currently using MyMath curriculum to teach third grade mathematics standards. Students will be introduced to new topics this year such as multiplication and division, as well as expand upon learnings from previous years to increase math fluency. Additionally, we will be using a program called IXL for additional practice on math skills.

Science and Social Studies
TCI provides curriculum for both science and social studies. Each quarter, we will spend 4 weeks on social studies and 4 weeks on science. Throughout first quarter, we will be learning about the geography of the United States in social studies, and environments and living things in science.

All of these resources, with the exception of handwriting, can be accessed using the helpful links tab.


Rosemont School Grading Scale

        A+ = 99 – 100%     A = 94 – 98%        A- = 92 – 93% 
        B+ = 90 – 91%       B = 87 – 89%        B- = 85 – 86% 
        C+ = 83 – 84%       C = 79 – 82%       C- = 77 – 78%
        D+ = 75 – 76%       D = 72 – 74%       D- = 70 – 71%

Reading grades are categorized as follows:
Classwork/Homework 40%
Tests/Quizzes 40%
Accelerated Reader 20%

Language Arts
Language Arts grades are categorized as follows:
Classwork/Homework 40%
Tests/Quizzes 40%
Spelling 20%

Math grades are categorized as follows:
Classwork/Homework 40%
Tests/Quizzes 40%
IXL 20%

Science grades are categorized as follows:
Classwork/Homework 60%
Tests/Quizzes 40%

Social Studies  
Social Studies grades are categorized as follows:
Classwork/Homework 60%
Tests/Quizzes 40%

Students who do poorly on tests or quizzes (75% or below) will have an opportunity to do corrections or retake the assessment. The average of the two assessments will be taken as the final grade. 

All homework should be written in your child's assignment notebook each day. Homework is assigned and intended to be additional review and practice for what we have been working on in class and should be able to be completed mostly independently. If your child is requiring a significant amount of help with assignments, please let me know as soon as possible to ensure we can provide your child the supports they need to be successful this year. 
With the being said, homework is not graded for accuracy since it is intended for extra practice. However, if homework is returned incomplete or shows lack of effort, points will be taken off. Additionally, one point will be taken off for every day it is late. 
Students are expected to read for 20 minutes each night. This is a standing assignment and reading can be done with a book or using Epic! online. Your child has a reading log that you can use to log their minutes. AR tests are a part of your child's reading grade, so please encourage them to read carefully so they are prepared to take AR tests. 
Students will typically have math homework each night related to the skill being practiced in class. Math homework is graded out of 10 points .
Students will receive a spelling packet each week with their spelling lists. These packets are due on Thursday in order to ensure they have practiced before the test on Fridays. Students may also practice their spelling words on Spelling City. Spelling packets are graded out of 20 points.