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Student Council


"The mission of Rosemont School is to provide a quality education, which will inspire every child to be a lifelong learner who is a respectful, socially responsibly contributing member of the global community. 


What are the responsibilities of a student council member?

demonstrates COBRA behavior, ethics and values

models an appropriate and socially acceptable attitude 

attends student council meetings

completes student council "homework"

posts signs & information throughout school regarding school events

receives information/feedback from your student body

passes on information to your student body

attends extracurricular activities and school functions

be the "first to show, last to go"

represents the concerns, questions, and feedback from students, faculty, and staff

“ TBD” by Eddy Milushev - Class Secretary


“Title” by Eddy Milushev. Class Secretary- September 2019

Dear Classmates,


Eddy Milushev



8th Grade Class Officers

President: Madison Sansone
Vice-President: Grace Dorgan
Secretary: Eddy Milushev
Treasurer: Aldo Ramirez
Sponsors: Mrs. Fritz & Mr. Schaul
7th Grade Representatives
Mayela Dorado
Bora Sinai
6th Grade Representatives
Velizar Filipov
Chloe Stephens