Benefit Club

The Benefit Club of Rosemont School is a volunteer parent group, which works to provide a 

variety of supportive experiences to our children. The Benefit Club goals include the following: 

 *To aid in the promotion of educational and recreational opportunities for the youth of the community. 

 *To promote the general welfare of the youth of the community. 

 *To promote better school-community relations. 

 *To provide social activities and programs for the community as a whole. 

These goals are accomplished by various fund-raising activities. The Benefit Club provides 

our children with the opportunity to enjoy several cultural assemblies throughout the year, 

Santa’s Secret Workshop, and many other events. Meetings will be held throughout the year.  

President: Vanessa Cooper 
Vice President: Arielle Stephens
Treasurer: Disha Nicholas 
Secretary: Meghan Carrillo