Welcome to Student Services! Ms. Jamie Williams, Rosemont Elementary Schools

My Favorite...

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Color: Orange, Yellow, Red

Book: “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton
TV Show: “Glee”, "This is Us", "Parenthood"
Food: Pizza, tacos, and sandwiches
Summertime Activity: Music festivals, reading, traveling, writing, swimming, softball, going to the beach, anything outside!!

Animal: My dog, Harley, who is a Shih-Apso. He is the best! 

All About Me!

Name: Jamie Williams

Birthday: October 4
Occupation: Teacher, soccer coach, yearbook advisor 
Undergraduate School: Illinois State University- 2012 (Go Redbirds!); Learning Behavior Specialist

Graduate School: Northeastern Illinois University- 2017; Curriculum Adaptation Specialist and Behavior Intervention Specialist

Most Exciting Thing I’ve Ever Done: Skydive!

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